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The EMR for those who are too busy to spend all day in their EMR
Made specifically for Orthopedics, Podiatry, and Physiatry Practices

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Eliminating burnout 

Populate's documentation tools provide the right data, in the right place, at the right time. AI-enabled adaptive workflows eliminate the need for manual data entry while making sure no relevant coding details are forgotten 

Patient engagement & painless Intake

Automated entry of patient history. Complete scheduling.

PACS integration and image management

Integration with PACS for all radiographic image types, without leaving the EMR

Care & Documentation

Voice-enabled notes & navigation. Tailored template sets. 

Lab Orders &                  e-prescriptions*

Seamless integrations with digital prescriptions and lab networks

* Prescriber has choice of medication, and the patient has choice of pharmacy

We are building the most customer-centric health tech company in the world.

Our mission is to end burnout caused by legacy electronic medical records systems that inundate clinicians with extra steps during documentation, clunky UX, and poor interoperability. By dramatically cutting down the time required in the EMR, we help clinicians spend more time engaging with patients, improving care, and maximizing practice profitability. 

How doctors feel about Electronic Health Records

Stanford Medicine National Harris Poll on Physician Satisfaction with EHRs (n=521)


of major EHR users believe their EMR increases total hours worked


believe their EHR contributes to burnout


believe their EHR takes time away from their patients


believe the EHR can be improved to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce screen time

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