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Our Values

Put the customer first

We don’t spend the money we raise from investors in a five-star restaurant. We dedicate our resources to delivering the best possible outcomes for our customers. The more we invest in understanding our customer’s pain points, the better we become at delivering solutions. 

Learn every day

We maintain a constructive and resilient attitude, constantly embracing new challenges. We work toward improvement rather than perfection. Each member of our team is empowered with tools, training, and feedback to achieve things they didn’t think they could accomplish. 

Be frank

Being frank is about creating a culture where candid feedback, delivered kindly, is treated as a gift. Open communication helps us better care for each other’s personal growth and development. When we listen to each other, we strengthen our relationships and maximize the power of our diverse experiences.

Be more than a Coworker

A “team” should be more than a group of people who split up a to-do list. It's a source of mutual support and good faith that makes our mission that much more important. Each team member sincerely wants the person next to them to be successful. 

Perfect is the enemy of good enough

80% of value is delivered in 20% of the time we spend on a task. Sure, some decisions require deliberation. But for most, a quick decision we can run with is better than waiting to make a perfect plan. Most choices can be reversed if need be, and speed matters.

Customers are eagerly waiting for the next Populate feature release. Let's get it in their hands!  

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