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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch to Populate?

Populate is designed for musculoskeletal providers who need to document as quickly and efficiently as possible. Populate reduces time spent in an EMR by 30%+, and time during documentation by 40%+.


How much does Populate cost?

Pricing varies depending on which suites users would like to implement. Populate’s EMR can include a billing suite, surgical scheduling, eRx for controlled substances, patient engagement, and other premium feature sets. For a quote please reach out to us at

We are currently offering early adopter discounts for offices that are willing to provide feedback on features they would like to see next.


Is it a subscription? Or paid up-front? 

Switching to Populate requires 0 up-front costs. We offer Software as a Service, with updates and maintenance fully included in our subscription plan.


Can Populate bring my data over from my current EMR?

We pride ourselves in quickly and efficiently migrating data from your old EMR into your new system at no additional cost to you.


How does Populate protect my data?

Populate’s product is hosted in Microsoft’s Cloud environment, offering our users the gold standard in data security. Our software is fully HIPAA compliant, so your patient data will always be secure.


What if I want to switch away from Populate one day? Will Populate hold my data hostage?

At Populate, we believe that the owners of medical records are providers and their patients, NOT the software company wherein those records are created. If your account wishes to switch away from Populate, no hard feelings. We will provide a highly convenient export into a secure cloud environment. We promise to deliver your data in an unadulterated, usable format to minimize disruption to your practice as you transition.

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